Stop roaming while traveling

paying rocky international roaming fee?

Or want to keep your previous phone card instead of buying a local phone card.

Pocwifi provides a mobile Wifi modem for international travelers to solve those confusion.

Pocwifi’s mission is to help our customers enjoy mobile Wi-Fi anytime & anywhere.

Now Pocwifi has upgrade  3G mobile Wi-Fi.service to 4G  mobile Wi-Fi service.

With our mobile Wi-Fi hotspot you can easily link your tablet, laptop, smartphone or games console to the web when you’re on the move.

There’s an unlimited data allowance and absolutely no roaming charges leaving you free to surf, Skype, download and play, without the worry of a big bill.

Enjoy your holiday with our mobile Wi-Fi.

Let us see the fantastic new Huawei mobile device together.


It has a fairly plain design, as it’s just a small block of white plastic. However, it’s also very compact at just 84 x 58 x 15mm. It could stand to be slimmer but it’s easily pocket sized, so carrying it

around with you isn’t a problem. It’s not an ugly device by any means, but it is functional rather than stylish.

It lacks any sort of display, so you can’t get detailed battery or system information from the device itself, but LED indicators give you an idea of battery life and connectivity status.

Setup and performance

As we’ve got the initial setup out of the way, you can connect other devices to it with a single tap.

That’s great as it takes all the hassle out of getting laptops, tablets and other electronics online and makes them as useful when out and about as they are in the home or office.

Whether for work or play that makes the it a great asset, as you can bring new life to your Wi-Fi-only electronics when you’re travelling or away from home.

If you have to commute to work or spend much time in the great outdoors, wishing you could get online.


The battery is just 1500 mAh and it’s only good for around 4-6 hours of use, so this isn’t a device that you can stay connected to all day sadly.

If you want to keeping using it, we suggest you bring a power bank with you.

On a more positive note it does at least last for up to 300 hours on standby, so there’s no danger of it running down while you’re not using it


This Mobile Wi-Fi can connect to up to 10 devices at once, so your friends, family or colleagues can make use of it as well.

That’s a hugely useful feature. You could for example keep your kids entertained in the car, by allowing them all to connect to it, or save the day if Wi-Fi goes down in the office.


The Mobile Wi-Fi does just one thing, namely gets other Wi-Fi enabled devices connected to 4G when out and about.

It does it well though for the most part, with simple one-touch connections, a small, pocket friendly design, speedy 4G, a handy smartphone app and the ability to connect up to 10 devices at once.

Only USD 8.99/Day
Easy Pick up at Australia and New Zealand Airport.
Book now at Pocwifi with unlimited data.