Essential Travel Items for Australia

Packing for your next adventure is an equal mix of excitement and stress. You want to take everything but at the same time you don’t want to lug everything around. You constantly use the excuse “I’ll pack it just incase”. But deep down you know you want use half of the stuff you laid out in front of you…and trust us it’s true! So what awesome items should definitely make the final cut?!

He who would travel happily, must travel light.

Well we’ve asked our team of awesome adventurers their top packing items, the things they couldn’t travel without and the things that are always the first in their bags before they head off to foreign lands…”

Toilet Roll and Immodium!

Always our top tip!
Having these two items in your hand luggage at all times will save you heaps….for reasons I don’t think we need to talk about!
Not only that but your travel buddies will love you forever when you can magically produce them in their time of need!hahaha!


The humble head torch has been a staple packing item of backpackers for years for good reason! Whether it’s a power cut in the middle of Asia, camping out in the jungle or simply needing to locate something in your dorm room at 3am it’s a greta piece of kit to keep within easy reach!


We don’t want to divulge how many times we’ve landed in a new country and have failed to pack a travel adaptor or have brought the wrong one! Do some research before and you’ll save apt of stress!
If you want all bases covered the universal adaptors, although bulky, are a good way to go!

Passport (obviously!)

You aren’t going anywhere without one. So make sure it’s packed!
Bonus points if you email a copy of it to yourself – that way if it goes walkabout or gets stolen you have an electronic copy that you can download wherever you are in the world, making it heaps easier to replace.


Chargers are something we loathe on the road.They go missing, get forgotten or simply aren’t to hand when you need them most!
Make sure you have your chargers all neatly stored in a separate bag so they’re always easy to access and if you’re jumping on a flight/bus/train it’s always worth chucking them in your hand luggage incase you need to charger on the go!

Dry Bag

There’s nothing worse than wrecking a camera or your soaking your dry clothes on a day trip of island hopping or day to the beach. Investing in a dry bag is a solid option and is one of our most used items of kit so it’s well worth investing in one.
Not only does it keep the wet out but it can also keep the wet in too – so if you’ve gone for a last minute swim in the pool before and overnight bus or flight you can bundle all your wet gear inside your dry bag and save it soaking the rest of your rucksack!

Snorkel & Mask

If you’re heading anywhere with a beach on your travels then having your own snorkel and mask is a great purchase. Sure you can hire them out on the road, but if you plan on doing a lot of day trips, diving or beach time that can soon mount up – so it’s worth considering!

Pocket wifi

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What items are top of your packing list? Tell us in the comments!

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