4 Tips to Ensure Good Wifi Signal

rent a pocket wifi

It would be nice if you can share the view and experience when you are traveling. To make sure you would enjoy our portable wifi devices. There are some small tips for you to make sure you would have good wifi signal during your trip:

  1. Check if the device work properly when you pick it up from our kiosk in the international airport from different countries.
  2. Our wifi device is designed for one person using, although it can connect up to 5 devices, we don’t recommend to connect it with more than 2 people’s devices. It would overloaded.
  3. Make sure the area or country you gonna go is under the coverage of devices. For example, our wifi signal is based on the local carrier, if there’s no good mobile signal, our device won’t have signal either.
  4. Don’t forget to charge the wifi device when you are traveling.

Please let us know if you have any problem on using our wifi device. Our email address for customer service is: admin@pocwifi.co.nz

Hope you would have a nice trip!

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